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Exklusiv intervju: Vince Clarke

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Det har tisslats och tasslats ett tag. Små hintar om nytt material från brittiska synthpopsgiganterna Erasure, har dykt upp i diverse intervjuer.

ElektroSkulls Jens Atterstrand blev nyfiken och fick en kort men konsis intervju med legenden från Basildon i England, allas vår älskade: Vince Clarke.

Läs hela intervjun, för det bästa kommer som vanligt:

Till sist!

(Intervjun publiceras enligt önskemål på originalspråket.)

ElektroSkull: There have been whispers, small hints in interviews, and all around info about new album plans for Erasure. What more information can you give the swedish and scandinavian fans?

Vince Clarke: We began writing for a new album last year and will resume work later this month. We hope to be recording later this year.

ElektroSkull: Your recent work have included producing the likes of Tonya Hurley and Polly Scattergood, and obviously alot of remix work, some including Andys songs for his soloproject. During the time “off” Erasure, when doing other things, have you always had new Erasure-material in mind or have there been other plans aswell?

Vince Clarke: Erasure is always in the back of my mind, but we don’t really start focusing completely until Andy and I get together.

ElektroSkull: As always, you’ve kept up the long going work for different charity events, some highly admired and appreciated. Has it always been important to you? Are there any ones that have made a big impact on you on a personal level, or some you would want people to pay extra attention too?

Vince Clarke: Yes. Charities we support have effected us personally for various reasons in particular the Terrance Higgins Trust.

ElektroSkull: Scandinavia have been quite good to you down the years. Do you have any special memories of Sweden to share with us?

Vince Clarke: Scandinavian fans have always been so loyal and supportive and we really appreciate that.

We were amazed at how many people were aware of our music the very first time we played in Stockholm. The audience response was fantastic and something we’ll always remember.

ElektroSkull: Three years ago you rewrote the old unreleased Depeche Mode-song – “Let’s Get Together”, for the band Girl Authority. Are there any possibilities for more hidden treasures coming out of the vault soon?

Vince Clarke: You never know..

ElektroSkull: Rumours are saying that the forthcoming album will be composed mainly using your old analogue equipment. Can you confirm any of that?

Vince Clarke: Yes. (Red.anm: Nu fick jag orgasm..)