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Oviss framtid väntar Alan Wilders Recoil?

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De senaste dagarna så har det via sociala medier tydligt framgått att Alan Wilders soloprojekt Recoil nu tyvärr ser ut att gå en mycket dyster framtid till mötes.

Den forne Depeche Mode-medlemmen, som senast var albumaktuell med “Subhuman” under 2007 och som sedan solodebuten “1+2” (1986) utvöver dessa även har släppt ytterligare fyra fullängdsalbum med Recoil, anger den nutida musikindustrins stora ekonomiska problem som huvudanledningen, men nämner också att han nu vill lägga sin fokus på ett mer personligt plan.

De senaste årens populära “A Strange Hour”-turné och tillhörande filmvisningar ser alltså ut att bli det sista vi får se av projektet. Något mer Recoil-album är inte planerat i skrivande stund.

 Alan Wilder utvecklar (publiceras på originalspråket)

Recoil is not a financially viable project and hasn’t been for some time. For many years now there has been no income for myself from the sales of my own music. Any income has been used to pay off debts to Mute Records for overspends on the earlier albums (not their fault but a sign of the times as they were). (…) I just cannot afford anymore to sit in a studio for the best part of a year to make a record which very few people will buy. Sadly, most people expect to receive music for free these days, or via file sharing, illegal download and so on. Live work can bring a small amount of income but it is not something I naturally gravitate towards and, if I were to put together a band, that would probably lose money given the number of tickets I could reasonable expect to sell. (…) I am not ruling myself out of the game completely but, for now, I have many other priorities which I need to pursue. Frankly, I am distracted from music by needing sort out ‘life’. Once I get settled into a new home and re-build a small studio (my current one is dismantled and packed up), then maybe I’ll get the urge to pick up where I left off.”