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Livefoto & intervju: The Orb, Stockholm

Posted on 05 November 2015

Livefoto & intervju: The Orb, Stockholm

Den 22 oktober gästade de brittiska pionjärerna The Orb ett välfyllt Göta Källare i Stockholm i Monsteras regi.


Jens Atterstrand (foto, intervju) och Kajsa Lindh (intervju) var på plats och fick en kortare pratstund med den spelglada duon några minuter innan de klev upp på scenen och bjöd på en dryg timmes mix med inslag av såväl bandets senaste album liksom deras tidlösa klassiker.



– You started out already in the late eighties. How did you work back then and how has your ways of making music changed during the years?

(Alex) There is no comparison really. We were experimenting back in those days when we were given a backroom in a nightclub where this kind of bass n’ drum would be thumping away and we were just trying to chill people out. Experimenting with lots of different kind of machines all at the same time. So we wouldn’t have just one record player or two, we would have six. All doing different functions, making a kind of landscape of music which was a blueprint really for chill out and so on.

Today, 27 years later, technology is much more advanced. We tend to feed of each other a hell of a lot more. As a DJ you tend to do things on your own and then let someone else take over. And they do their own thing as DJ. As a band it is about the two of us and how we function, how we feed of each other. We now have a huge back-catalogue to play with and a lot of new material that we play with. There really is no comparison.

– You have released a great number of session-albums and live recordings and the album format have always seemed to be important to you?

(Thomas) Yes, isn’t it a beautiful format? For us it seems to be like the perfect amount of work you give away every few years to keep communication with people who are interested in your music. You know like a writer who writes books, he might also write some blogs. So we go out and play some live gigs as well, but albums seem to be the perfect format.

– What are your views on today’s music industry were everything seems to focus a lot on single tracks with the digital music taking over?

(Thomas) You can make it digital how much and whenever you want it but I don’t personally follow a scene where everything is focused on singles. I have plenty of regularly releasing artists which I just like to get an album by every now and then, you know. It could be hip hop, electronic, dance, club-artists or experimental composers. You have such a huge choice these days I don’t see why you should be touched by a single-scene at all. 

– When you started out you were pioneers in this scene. Today the electronic music scene is somewhat an industry universal standard. How do you find the inspiration to develop your music today?

(Alex) A certain amount of sarcasm, a certain amount of belief in ourselves and a certain amount of freedom that we give ourselves. That’s all very important. Not working with a major record label ever again. Don’t ever go near major record labels, even if they offer you a lot of money. They will want that money back eventually. It’s not yours really. Don’t be fooled. You can do it DIY now, do it yourself. It’s been doable for the last 30-40 years.

– What Swedish electronic musicians do you know and perhaps also like?

(Alex) Well, there’s Axel.

(Thomas) The Field. Axel Wilder you know. He lives in Berlin. We are both big fans of his records and music. And his live-playing.

– What are you looking forward to tonight?

(Alex) Playing our new album. Slowing down the beats a little bit. It´s a bit frantic for us out there now. (hardcore uptempo techno playing outside in the club).


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