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Diary Of Dreams – “Echo In Me”

Posted on 19 November 2010

Smakprov på Diary OF Dreams kommande album “Ego:X”. Lyssna på singeln, ladda ner och välj själv ditt pris! Enjoy!

Diary Of Dreams Adrian Hates berättar mer:

“The echo I hear in myself has always been my inspiration to create music, the echo of my daily experiences, the reflection of the things I went through. Therefore, ‘Echo in me’ became some sort of emotional starting point for our new album Ego:X, and while we were working on the production, it was also the first track that felt mature and complete. All good reasons for us to make this the first track to share with you. Of course the song cannot represent the enormous musical variety of the upcoming long player, but anyway, it is a very important song for us as it captures the sound and the power of the album.”

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